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Cloke Printing is proud to provide other products for your business.


Thermal Transfer is a popular print process particularly used for the printing of identification labels. It is the most widely used printing process in the world for the printing of high quality barcodes. The thermal transfer print process utilises three main components: a non-movable print head, a carbon ribbon (the ink) and a substrate to be printed, which would typically be paper, synthetics, card or textile materials. These three components 
effectively form a sandwich with the ribbon in the middle. A thermally compliant print head, in combination with the electrical properties of the ribbon  and the correct rheological properties of the ribbon ink are all essential in producing a high quality printed image.


We carry the following types of Pressure Seal Forms: Pressure Seal Mailers, Pressure Seal Checks and Pressure Seal 2-way return envelope mailers. These come in the most popular formats of z-fold, c-fold, v-fold and ez-fold.
Pressure Seal Checks come in 11 inch for and 14 inch. We have many varieties of Pressure Seal Checks with 
and without tint backgrounds. Our Pressure Seal Checks also accommodate many of the popular software programs with check portion that are in various  positions on the form.

Thermal Trransfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

“Cloke Printing was just what my business needed. In my business, I don't have time to worry about business necessities such as business forms, stationary, brochures and other items. When  I figured the printing costs around the office, it made more sense to use Cloke Printing. David has years of experience, and is only a phone call away. .”

Mike Sutcliffe, Owner - Chanute Radio

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